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SKILLS. Smart Home Management can provide you with all the skills you need to manage your home successfully. Skills used to be handed on from one generation to the next, but acquiring them in the 21st century takes specially designed training.

MANAGEMENT. Work/Life balance problems? The less time you have available to spend on running your home, the more you need tools and techniques to maximize efficiency. These can be learnt.

ATTITUDE. You don’t need to feel crushed or overwhelmed by all there is to do at home. You can change your attitude, take a business leadership approach, and find out how to become the leader your home needs.

ROLES. Learn how to tailor and apply a clear organization chart to your family home. Each member of the family has his or her specific part to play, and can learn it, hand it on, and develop it as part of the growing process. There is no room for “passengers”.

TEAM. Being the leader doesn’t mean taking the whole weight of the home on your own shoulders! The home belongs to everyone who lives in it. Let us show you how teamwork is the key to successful home management!


By Clara Galán

Theory Sessions and Practical Applications. You will plan a Menu, discover trends in food and make soups, sauces, vegetables, meat, fish and desserts.

By María Kempt

What is wrong at home? Lack of order, lack of time, lack of space? Let us pass and observe your home. Your family life will get better, applying skills that you already have.

By Marta Osorio

Planning menus can be annoying… But with Marta, you will learn how to do a journal menu, how to manage your time in the kitchen efficiently and you will get simple recipes to surprise your family…


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Possess the skills necessary to enrich your home-life. Reduce your weekly outgoings in all areas of running the home.

Organise your day to have more time for you and your family. Be able to deal with unexpected situations calmly and efficiently.

Improve your relationship with all members of the family.


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