By Clara Galán

Cookery Course

  1. Menu Planning
  • The Process
  • Timings
  • Nutritional Aspects
  • Occasions
  • Samples of Menus: daily and feast days, diets, eating habits, rethinking menus


  1. Trends in Food
  • Healthy eating- what you eat today affects your health of tomorrow- can we find a happy balance?
  • Seasonality- eat the seasons for better nutritional value, reduce food cost, eco-friendly
  • Sustainability- from the home the impact we can make, choice of ingredients, food waste reduction


  1. Class content
  • Soups: How to make the different types of soups
  • Sauces: How to make roux-based sauces, basic hot and cold sauces
  • Vegetables: versatility, seasonality, cooking methods and cuts, matching vegetables & meats, fish
  • Meat: cuts, cooking methods, times and temperatures
  • Fish: how to prepare and handle, how to cook
  • Desserts: Gelatine based desserts, use of pastry, the art of assembling, get ahead of the game, desserts easy to make and done before in advance